The Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System (RMRBIS)

Craig Hospital
Research Department
3425 S. Clarkson Street
Englewood CO 80113-2899

Project Officer: Cate Miller, Ph.D.
Project Number: 90DPTB0020

The Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System (RMRBIS) provides a comprehensive multidisciplinary specialty system of care for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI), and conducts research on the health and function and community living and participation of individuals with moderate to severe TBI to develop evidence-based rehabilitation interventions for these individuals. Research activities include: (1) assessing long-term outcomes of people with TBI and contributing data to TBI Model Systems National Database; (2) conducting a site-specific study to evaluate the efficacy of three interventions to improve mobility and balance after TBI; (3) proposing and leading a module to evaluate psychosocial adjustment and post-traumatic growth after TBI; and (4) participating in collaborative module research with other TBI Model Systems. Project outcomes include: (1) generating new knowledge and evidence-based interventions for clinicians and consumers to maximize mobility and balance recovery after TBI, (2) developing methods to evaluate quality of life through the evaluation of psychosocial adjustment and recovery, and (3) expanding knowledge and improving care for individuals by understanding the effects of TBI across the lifespan. Project outputs include website content; online/printed brochures; social media content/posts; manuscript submissions to high-impact, peer reviewed journals; presentations at national conferences; consumer factsheets; and clinical training/education.
Cindy Harrison-Felix, Ph.D.
Co-Project Director RMRBIS/ Co-Project Director 789-8565
Candy Tefertiller, PT, DPT, PhD, NCS
Project Director 789-8251
Jessica Ketchum, PhD
Director Statistical/Methodological 789-8682
Marissa Lundstern
Research 839-5842
Mackenzie Peckham
Research 464-5464
Abby Welch, B.S., B.A.
Research 828-3703
Stephanie Agtarap 789-8663
Amanda Suderman
Research AssistantASUDERMAN@CRAIGHOSPITAL.ORG(303) 789-8683