Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System

Since first being designated as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model System (MS) in 1998, the Rocky Mountain Regional Brain Injury System (RMRBIS) has been organized around the nationally recognized rehabilitation services of Craig Hospital. The RMRBIS also includes seven trauma centers, three long-term acute care facilities, and an extensive community-based support network that collaboratively provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary specialty system of TBI care for Colorado and beyond. The RMRBIS proposes an ambitious 5-year program of research focusing on the health and function and community living and participation of individuals with moderate to severe TBI. It will conduct a site-specific randomized controlled trial of a group intervention to improve Self-Advocacy for Independent Life (SAIL) after TBI and help people get the services they need. It proposes to lead a collaborative multi-center module to investigate relationships between magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) findings and outcomes, and participate in one or more modules lead by other centers. It commits to enrolling 50 individuals with TBI per year into the TBIMS National Database and following the 924 cases it has already enrolled with a tradition of exceeding all data quality standards and the highest follow-up rate of any TBIMS. It is anticipated that the RMRBIS will add new knowledge benefitting stakeholders and shared widely through presentations and publications for consumers and professionals. If found effective, the SAIL will be disseminated through a program manual and a train-the-trainer workshop strategy. Insights gained about MRI findings and outcomes can help clinicians better predict outcomes after TBI, guide treatment, and identify clinical targets for future research and intervention.

Craig Hospital
Research Department
3425 S. Clarkson Street
Englewood CO 80113

Project Officer: Theresa San Agustin, M.D.
Project Number:
Cindy Harrison-Felix, Ph.D.
Co-Project Director RMRBIS/Project Director 789-8565
Gale G. Whiteneck, Ph.D.
Co-Director RMRBIS / Director Collaborations CoreCo-Project Dire and TBI Research 789-8204
Alan Weintraub M.D
Medical 789-8220
Don Gerber, Ph.D.
Co-Project Director/Co-Principal 789 8478
Kimberley Monden, Ph.D.
Principal 789-8562
Angie Philippus, B.A.
Research 789-8030
Hannah Gazett, B.S.
Research 789-8414
Lenny Hawley, LCSW, CBIST
Co-Principal 789-8570
Lisa Payne, Ph.D.
Co-Principal 789-8446
Denise O'Dell, PT,DSc,NCS
Co-Principal 789-7571