Moss TBI Model System

The Moss Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (TBIMS) for 2017-2022, directed by Tessa Hart, PhD and John Whyte, MD, PhD, is grounded in a rich network of regional and national collaborations to achieve multiple goals in clinical care, research, and dissemination. A sophisticated system providing state-of-the-art, potentially lifelong treatments for persons with TBI and their families in the greater Philadelphia region and southern New Jersey includes four Trauma Centers and the nationally recognized Drucker Brain Injury Center at MossRehab. A full continuum of high-quality treatment spans emergency and acute trauma/ neurosurgical care through community re-entry. Innovative post-acute components, offered on two campuses in Pennsylvania and one in New Jersey, include vocational placement and supported employment services, two Clubhouses, a residential treatment facility, a Concussion Center, and a Neuro Mental Health Clinic specialized for those with cognitive impairment.

The research core of the Moss TBIMS is centered at the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute. For the longitudinal component of the TBIMS, we will add at least 250 participants to the more than 1100 enrolled at our TBIMS since 1997. The 2017-2022 Moss TBIMS includes a site-specific research project designed to test the efficacy of a treatment based on Behavioral Activation, supplemented by mobile technology for Ecological Momentary Assessment and activity reminders delivered by text messaging, to ameliorate depression and/ or anxiety in chronic, moderate to severe TBI. We also propose a modular research project, an observational study that will examine the benefits, risks, and optimal timing of cranioplasty consequent to decompressive craniectomy in relation to both functional and cognitive outcomes. We will collaborate fully with the modular research projects selected by our partners in the 2017-2022 cycle.

The 2017-2022 Moss TBIMS includes strong components for dissemination and knowledge translation targeted to people with TBI and their families, clinical staff across the continuum of care, and other professional and lay audiences. In collaboration with the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania (BIAPA), we will conduct training for the volunteer staff of the Brain Injury Resource Line, a crucial link to brain injury resources for consumers in PA. In collaboration with the BIAPA and 7 other TBI rehabilitation facilities in the region, as well as other stakeholders, we will conduct a regional Moss TBIMS conference in 2019 to provide education and networking opportunities for people with brain injury and their families. Knowledge translation projects for clinicians include an initiative to implement guidelines for treatment of memory disorders due to TBI, and training on anger self-management principles for people with TBI and problematic anger/ irritability. Extensive planning for consumer input and thorough evaluation processes will ensure timely, accurate feedback on the degree to which our products and activities have succeeded in their intended outcomes.

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