The Ohio Regional TBI Model System

The Ohio Regional Traumatic Brain Injury Model System is located in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University. John D. Corrigan, PhD, is the Principal Investigator (PI) and Jennifer Bogner, PhD, is the co-PI. We have been a TBI Model System since 1997. The program operates under the umbrella of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, which provides a structure for consumer participation via its 37-member Advisory Council. Composed primarily of consumers from a multi-state region, the Advisory Council prioritizes needs, reviews funding opportunities, participates in implementation, monitors progress and evaluates program outcomes. We are proposing to conduct two local research projects addressing NIDRR's "Health and Function" priority. Both projects examine chronic health conditions related to TBI and are designed to contribute to new protocols for a so-called disease management approach. The impetus for this focus was identified by our Ohio Valley Center Advisory Council and is supported by new data on the prevalence of deterioration in the first five years after rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury (TBI).

One local project is a randomized controlled trial that will build on previous studies to determine how Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) techniques for alcohol misuse can be adapted for persons with moderate and severe TBI. We will elaborate SBI protocols tested to date by (1) enhancing positive expectations for health and wellness benefits that accrue from reduced alcohol consumption, (2) including “booster sessions” as has been incorporated into SBI protocols used in Emergency Departments, and (3) providing additional accommodations for cognitive deficits.

The second local project takes advantage of a unique opportunity to combine data from two studies, thus allowing examination of the contribution of premorbid and co-occurring conditions to later decline up to 5 years following a moderate or severe TBI. Data from almost 350 participants enrolled in both the TBI Model Systems National Dataset and the TBI Practice Based Evidence Study will be combined to allow in-depth, medical information on co-morbid conditions to be examined for their effect on mortality and morbidity over the 5 years following injury.

The Ohio Regional TBI Model System serves 2.7 million people in a 25-county area covering central and southern Ohio. All Level I and II trauma centers in the region are participants in the Ohio Regional TBI Model System. Brain injury rehabilitation is provided in a 24-bed, CARFaccredited,specialized Brain Injury Unit in the OSU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Post-acute treatment and follow-up are provided through the Brain Injury Clinic, the outpatient NeuroRehabilitation program, and the TBI Network, a specialized treatment program for persons with TBI and substance use disorders.

Over the past 15 years, the Ohio Regional TBI Model System has made valuable contributions to the TBI Model Systems program via high subject recruitment (over 900), participation in leadership positions, and studies that have improved the value of the National Dataset. We will recruit 50 subjects per year in the next funding cycle. We will continue our successful record of follow-up interviewing. In addition to other on-going dissemination activities, we propose to make significant contributions in knowledge translation via collaboration with WETA’s and the new Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

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