The Ohio Regional TBI Model System

The Ohio Regional Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model System is located in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University (OSU). Jennifer Bogner, PhD, is the Principal Investigator (PI) and John D. Corrigan, PhD is the co-PI. We have been a TBI Model System since 1997. The program operates under the umbrella of the Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, which provides a structure for consumer participation via its 30-member Advisory Council. Composed primarily of consumers from multiple states, as well as resentatives of the Brain Injury Association of America, the Advisory Council prioritizes needs, reviews funding opportunities, participates in implementation, monitors progress and evaluates program outcomes. The Advisory Council’s “Envisioning” process was central to the projects proposed in this application.

We will conduct one local research project and have proposed a module project, both addressing NIDILRR's "Health and Function" priority. Both projects are exploratory and designed to gain new knowledge on TBI as a chronic health condition that can inform the development of protocols for prospective management. The impetus for this focus is supported by data on the prevalence of deterioration in the first five years after rehabilitation for TBI and was identified by our Ohio Valley Center Advisory Council as one of three top priorities. Our local project seeks to identify underlying biological processes that may be the source of poor health and reduced function that occurs for 50% of people by five years after their injury and rehabilitation. Our module project seeks to identify social determinants of these poor outcomes, including family structure and support, socio-economic status, access to healthcare, use of community-based programs,neighborhood characteristics and state policy. Both projects tap national and international experts from the larger OSU faculty to assist us in applying novel new research methods to a pressing problem in TBI rehabilitation.

The Ohio Regional TBI Model System serves 3.9 million people in a 47-county area covering central, southeastern and northwestern Ohio. All Level I trauma centers in the region are participants in the Ohio Regional TBI Model System. Brain injury rehabilitation at OSU is provided in a 24-bed, CARF-accredited, specialized Brain Injury Unit. For this cycle we have included the CARF-accredited Rehabilitation Unit at St. Rita’s Medical Center, which serves 10 rural counties in northwestern Ohio. Their inclusion in the Ohio Regional TBI Model System will increase under-represented rural, older adults in the TBI Model System National Database. Postacute treatment at both OSU and St. Rita’s is provided via Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinics and outpatient, neurorehabilitation therapies. OSU also operates the TBI Network, a specialized outpatient treatment program for persons with TBI and substance use disorders.

Over the past 20 years, the Ohio Regional TBI Model System has made valuable contributions to the TBI Model Systems program via high subject recruitment (over 1,150), participation in leadership roles, and studies that have improved the value of the National Dataset. We will recruit 50 subjects per year in the next funding cycle. We will continue our successful record of recruitment and follow-up interviewing. In addition to other on-going dissemination activities, we propose to develop undergraduate and graduate training modules on TBI for Social Workers that we will promote to Ohio colleges and universities, as well as nationwide. Several of these modules have already been developed and adopted at the OSU College of Social Work.

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