New York Traumatic Brain Injury Model System

The New York Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (NY-TBIMS), in partnership with key stakeholders will, in the course of this 5-year project, provide comprehensive interdisciplinary services for individuals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and conduct site- specific and collaborative research. All activities of the NY-TBIMS are guided by the Goal of improving health, functioning, community living and participation of people with TBI. Our Objectives are to: 1) enroll new participants into the TBIMS National Database (NDB) and follow those already enrolled; 2) conduct a randomized controlled trial examining the efficacy of Online EmReg, an internet-delivered group intervention to improve post-TBI emotional dysregulation; 3) conduct a multi-center module project to evaluate changes in cognitive functioning 5 to 7 years after TBI and identify risk factors for cognitive decline; and 4) through a program of knowledge translation and dissemination, partner with our consumer stakeholders and organizational partners to ensure widespread dissemination of the results of our research.
Anticipated Outcomes include: 1) exemplary clinical care across the continuum from injury to community reintegration for individuals with TBI served by the NY-TBIMS; 2) evidence supporting an accessible empirically-supported intervention to address post-TBI emotional dysregulation; 3) new knowledge about patterns of cognitive functioning many years after injury that can inform targeted interventions; and 4) greater access to information about TBI, its sequelae, and effective interventions for individuals with TBI, their families, clinical and research professionals, and key policy and advocacy stakeholders . Expected Products include an EmReg treatment manual for clinicians, consumer-oriented presentations and outreach activities, and professional publications and presentations.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
One Gustave Levy Place, Box 1240
New York NY 10029

Project Officer: Amanda Reichard, Ph.D.
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Kristen Dams-O'Connor Ph.D.
Project Director/ Director, Brain Injury Research Center of Mount Sinaikristen.dams-o' 241-7587
Theodore Tsaousides, Ph.D. 241-6547
Marcel Dijkers, Ph.D.
Director of NY Model Systems Database and 659-8587
Kirk Lercher, MD
Medical Director, New York 241-5152
Miguel Escalon, MD
Medical 241-5152
Lisa Spielman, Ph.D. 893-8283
Amy Rosenbaum
Investigator, New York 850-9660
Eric Watson
Postdoctoral 241-6547
Raj Kumar
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