New York Traumatic Brain Injury Model System

Under Construction

Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
One Gustave Levy Place, Box 1240
New York NY 10029

Project Officer: Leslie Caplan, Ph.D.
Project Number:
Kristen Dams-O'Connor
Project Director/ Director of Predoctoral Externship Training Brain Injury Research Centerkristen.dams-o' 241-7587
Margaret Brown, Ph.D.
Director of 666-2064
Wayne A. Gordon, Ph.D.
Project 659-9372
Theodore Tsaousides, Ph.D. 241-6547
Brian Greenwald, M.D.
Associate Director of Brain 
Marcel Dijkers, Ph.D.
Research Committee Chair
Director of NY Model Systems Database and 659-8587
Lisa Spielman, Ph.D. 893-8283
Anne Ambrose, M.D.
Assistant 843-0660
Jason Krellman
Assistant Professor 
Amy Rosenbaum
Investigator, New York 850-9660
Eric Watson
Postdoctoral 241-6547
Alexandra Landau
Clinical Research 241-4820
Gabrielle Guetta
Clinical Research 241-0818
Jeanne McPhee
Clinical Research 241-2119
Jacob Greisman
Clinical Research 241-4886
Maria Kajankova
Clinical 241-3379