North Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Model System

The North Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (TBIMS) is a unique partnership that leverages the clinical and research capacity of the leading clinical and research institutions in the region, including Baylor Health Care System, University of Texas Southwestern, and John Peter Smith Health System. The goal is to improve the health and function of individuals with TBI and their care partners through evidence-based clinical care and innovative research. The objectives are to: (1) provide comprehensive clinical care and rehabilitation to individuals with TBI; (2) assess the long-term outcomes of individuals with TBI (3) test the efficacy of an evidence-based weight-loss intervention for individuals post TBI (site-specific project); (4) assess the feasibility and efficacy of problem-solving training for care partners of individuals with TBI (module project); (5) disseminate findings to stakeholders. Anticipated outcomes include: (1) provision of a comprehensive continuum of care for individuals with TBI; (2) enrollment of =65 participants per year into the national database; (3) efficacy data supporting use of a weight-loss intervention following TBI that is scalable across the United States; (4) feasibility data on a problem-solving training intervention for care partners to reduce their burden, which is usable across all TBIMS centers; (5) resources for individuals with TBI and their care partners. The expected products include usable and replicable interventions for individuals with TBI and their care partners, scientific papers and presentations of intervention study results, stakeholder and student workshops, educational resources on TBI for individuals and care partners, and plain language factsheets disseminated locally and through the Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center.

Baylor Research Institute @ Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation

909 N Washington
Dallas TX 75426

Project Officer: Ken Wood, Ph.D.
Project Number:
Simon Driver, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator, Director of Research - 820-9014
Kathleen Bell, M.D.
Co-Principal Investigator, P&M Department Chair - 648-9377
Randi Dubiel, D.O.
TBI Medical Director - 820-9593
Marie Dahdah, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist - 814-4816
Shannon Juengst, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor - 648-5352
Cindy Dunklin, B.S., CCRC
Project Coordinator - 820-9640
Caryn R. Harper, M.S., CCRC
Project Coordinator - 648-7613
John Thottakara, M.D. 648-3315
Libby Callender, MPH Epidemiologist
Clinical Research Coordinator - 820-9988
Evan Elizabeth McShan
Clinical Research Coordinator - 818-2993
Megan Reynolds
Clinical Research Coordinator - 368-7711
Valeria Silva
Clinical Research Coordinator - 648-2926
Amy Muir, MBA
Research Assistant - 820-9356
Lacy McDonald
Clinical Research Assistant - 865-3613
Candice Osborne
Assistant 648-2723
Michael Conley
Research 799-3998