JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute Traumatic Brain Injury Model System

JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute provides a coordinated, multidisciplinary system of neurorehabilitation designed to meet the needs of individuals with TBI. Over the five years of this project we will contribute to the TBI Model Systems National Database by enrolling 42 participants annually, conducting longitudinal follow-up, and filling knowledge gaps by providing novel information about activity limitations and patterns of recovery for individuals with TBI. We will participate in collaborative multi-center research, and site-specific research on functional recovery patterns. The goal of our Site Specific Research is to improve assessment of outcomes across all post-acute settings by evaluating activity limitations and changes in functional activity domains throughout the course of recovery and rehabilitation. Objectives are to: 1) evaluate the sensitivity of Activity Measure for Post-Acute Care (AM-PAC) to longitudinal changes in activity limitations during acute rehabilitation and through the first year of recovery after TBI; 2) demonstrate treatment-induced changes in activity limitations after post-acute rehabilitation; 3) examine the relationship between AM-PAC scales and traditional discipline-specific measures; and 4) evaluate agreement between patients and proxy AM-PAC respondents The anticipated outcomes are: 1) clinicians will have access to a more precise and easily administered measure to assess longitudinal changes of activity limitations across settings; 2) researchers will utilize a functional, patient-centered outcome measure related to activities of everyday life to evaluate rehabilitation effectiveness; and 3) individuals with TBI and their families/caregivers will be provided with meaningful information related to improvements in physical, functional, and cognitive abilities in daily functioning. Expected products are clinical training and instructional materials, professional publications and presentation, and educational materials for consumers and stakeholders.

JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute

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Project Officer: Cate Miller, Ph.D.
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Yelena Goldin, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator/Project Directorygoldinphd@gmail.com(732) 906-2903
Brian Greenwald, M.D.
Associate Director of Brain Injurybrian.greenwald@hmhn.org 
Georgianna Dart, Psy.D.
Co-Investigatorgeorgianna.dart@hmhn.org(732) 321-7762
Monique Tremaine
Co-Investigator, Director, Neuropsychologymonique.tremaine@hmhn.org(858) 204-1717
Susan Paradise, M.Ed.
Data Collectorsusan.paradise@hmhn.org(732) 906-2402
Rosanne Sevinsky, M.A.
Database Coordinatorrosanne.sevinsky@hmhn.org(732) 906-2659
Teresa Ashman
Co-Investigatorteresa.ashman@gmail.com(212) 263-6164
Kathleen Carey, M.A.
Data Collectorkathleen.carey@hmhn.org(732) 261-0407
Dana Hirst
Research AssistantDana.Hirst@hmhn.org(732) 321-7000 ext. 66974
Sara Michaud
Co-Investigatorsara.michaud@hmhn.org(732) 906-2640 ext. 42403
Harris Drachman
Research Assistantharris.drachman@hmhn.org(732) 906-2640 ext. 42235
Roseann Archetti
Post Doctoral Fellowr.n.archetti@gmail.com(201) 289-3542