University of Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Model System

The goal of the University of Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Model System is to improve the lives of individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This has been our mission since 1998 when we were initially funded. The objectives of the current grant are to (1) provide a multidisciplinary system of rehabilitation within a full continuum of medical care, (2) contribute at least 45 subjects per year to the TBIMS national database with excellent follow up of our 1070 currently enrolled subjects, (3) conduct a site-specific study of Collaborative Care vs. usual care to reduce the interference of pain, including headache, after TBI, (4) participate in module studies, including the examination of physical activity in the first year after TBI and its relationship to significant functional outcomes, and (5) deliver evidence-based, patient-centered information through our website, newsletter, and partnership with the Model System Knowledge Translation Center (MSKTC). Our overall approach is to continue our excellent rates of enrollment and follow up of individuals with TBI and work within our region and across the country to conduct high quality research. Outcomes include (1) meeting or exceeding benchmarks for enrollment and follow up on all studies, (2) successful implementation and collaboration on module projects, (3) improving consumer awareness and education on TBI related topics, including partnering with the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington and MSKTC, and (4) disseminating research findings to other professional and consumer audiences. Products over the 5 years will include successful completion of site-specific and module projects including peer-reviewed publications, consumer friendly educational materials, and presentations at professional and consumer-focused conferences.

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