Northern New Jersey Traumatic Brain Injury System (NNJTBIS)

The NNJTBIS, a current NIDILRR TBI Model System Center, presents an innovative proposal to continue that distinction. The NNJTBIS includes a premier rehabilitation research facility, Kessler Foundation (KF), a top-ranked inpatient rehabilitation hospital (Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation) and 5 trauma centers, with the goal of improving the overall quality of life of individuals with TBI. NNJTBIS objectives and anticipated outcomes are multifaceted. (1) We will enroll at least 35 participants per year into the national database, following participants 1, 2, and 5 years post-injury and beyond, meeting or exceeding National Data and Statistical Center benchmarks. (2) We will conduct a site-specific, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial of a cognitive rehabilitation intervention for learning and memory deficits following TBI. This project, based on evidence-based learning techniques validated through Exploration and Description and Intervention Development research completed at KF, addresses key issues in the NIDILRR Long Range Plan and is expected to significantly improve daily functioning in persons with TBI. (3) The NNJTBIS will collaborate on at least 2 modular studies and proposes a collaborative modular project examining the relationship between social cognition and social integration following TBI. Expected products will include dissemination of results, prevention and educational materials via our website (, social media, consumer and professional publications, presentations and other activities. We will coordinate with the NIDILRR-funded Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center for collaborative, streamlined, and far-reaching dissemination activities. Our TBI Consumer participation and input has, and will continue to be, quintessential to the success of the NNJTBIS. Integrity of this project is ensured through a rigorous evaluation plan supplemented by internal and external governance.

Kessler Foundation Research Center

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