Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury Model System Center

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Project Officer: Ken Wood, Ph.D.
Project Number: 90DPTB0031

The Mayo Clinic Traumatic Brain Injury Model System Center research focuses on characterizing and addressing traumatic brain injury (TBI) incidence, impact, and health inequities in Upper Great Lakes Tribal communities. Tribal communities in this region are at the highest risk for TBI, having experienced historical and persistent socioeconomic and health inequities associated with poor health outcomes. The goals of this center are generating new knowledge concerning the epidemiological profile of TBI among Tribal communities in the upper Great Lakes region and understanding their lived experience with TBI. The target populations for this research are: (1) individuals with TBI among Tribal members in urban and rural settings; (2) their families; (3) their Tribes; (4) Tribal, State, and health care policy makers, and (5) health care providers. The objectives are: (1) to determine the incidence of TBI among Tribal communities in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, during the years 2012 to 2022, linking State Trauma Registry datasets with Indian Health Service Tribal Registry datasets to minimize racial misclassification; and (2) to understand the lived experiences and medical, cultural, and social support needs of this target populations by holding Gathering of Native Americans listening sessions in the three-state region. Project outcomes include developing a more accurate understanding of epidemiological characteristics of TBI in Tribal communities and identifying what is most important about TBI to them. The long-term outcome of the project is to establish a foundation of trust, respect, and knowledge to build sustainable community-based participatory research relationships between Mayo Clinic, Tribal communities, and Trauma Programs in the upper Great Lakes states. Project outputs and products center on using quantitative and qualitative data to identify community priorities and public health intervention targets within Tribal communities that promote health equity and ultimately reduce disease burden related to TBI. This project is a partnership between the Mayo Clinic, the Indian Health Service Bemidji Area Office, the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Epidemiology Center, and state Trauma Programs.
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